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  1. I do not like it ,the mess of road upheaval across the country,the covering of vast areas in concrete when we are told we will get more flooding,the destruction of homes,communities,the noise that will wake me at 5am .For something that will be of use to a small minority of people and paid for by the majority.It is not fair it’s not right, and it should not happen.

  2. Doubt it as they are already chatting to labour from what i have read and they wanted it first.they have to get them onside to vote it though.

  3. I see that the government have been awarding more contracts for hs2 a nice Xmas for some .i thought the government were only at policy stage 3weeks ago I do hope the judge sees what they are up to and puts a stop to this project for at least for the next two years by.
    That time we might have a honest government and put the people first

      • The chinese – who just opened the worlds biggest HSR believe HSR in this tiny country is nonsense. but Im sure they will help assist in this shambles. Despite a huge housing crisis, pension pots that will run empty and a nation debt that is STILL increasing…….some fools want a new train set on the credit card before our rating gets blown

      • Hmm, if it is so “much needed” how come peak trains are only 52 % full out of Euston ? At best HS2 is a £ 40 bn luxury which, judging by the compensation offering , we can’t afford.

        • The demand is for increase rail usage and the increase in paths. I do believe this compensation scheme is a luxury and goes above the norm, all people should get is the standard compulsory purchase price, this scheme goes well above this so is a luxury. And before any of you start i live on the proposed route.

          • I know, you told us before. You live within 120 metres and so you will get compensation. You are one of the lucky few. I doubt you would hold the same views if you lived say 200 metres away and therefore had no line of recourse.

          • Does “on the proposed route” mean you are included or excluded. Presumably, if this idiocy happens I am “on the proposed route” but there is no chance in hell the line comes exactly through my house or close enough for this to apply.

            • I would have the same view even if my house was within 1m to 500miles of the route. So from you comment you live outside the 120m, Is that why you dont like it?

            • I dont like it because its based on poor science, fallacy, ignorance, fear and self-interest. How is your house possible outside of 500 MILE radius? do you live on orkney?

          • I’m going to have to correct you “morris”, I’m afraid.
            None of the proposals in the Government’s consultation document involve paying above the “standard compulsory purchase price”; in the voluntary purchase zone and for the long term hardship scheme the patments will be less than those provided for by the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

            • So Peter you are now an expert on Planning law (I’m not) or you just getting your information from Wikipedia, I think you need to ask a professional like the RICS for advise, but in the mean time please read Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 part 8 and section 226 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. You will see in my option that the compensation from the DfT is better, but we will both have to wait until the final compensation scheme is ready after the consultation.

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