Who are Stop HS2?

Last night we sent out an invitation to join the Stop HS2 mailing list to a number of people who signed the petition against the proposed HS2 (High Speed Two railway).

HS2 will cost the country £17 billion to build another railway line from Euston to Birmingham.

As there are no scheduled flights between Birmingham and London, it will not reduce the number of aircraft. Building HS2 will release massive amounts of carbon, but HS2 Ltd’s projections are that running the trains will not reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

The business case is based on a massive 267% growth in demand for rail travel: HS2 Ltd’s forecasts are nearly double other reputable forecasts. If the growth in rail travel is only a little short of HS2 Ltd’s projections, the project is no longer feasible. But HS2 Ltd have made no allowance for the increasing use of videoconferencing.

All the risks of the project are born by the taxpayer: it’s our money HS2 Ltd want to spend.

Stop HS2 are fighting these proposals.

We organised a Parliamentary Lobby Day for MPs, we’ve given evidence to the Transport Select Committee. Lizzy Williams, one of the Stop HS2 founders walked the entire route of the proposed line. We’ve organised demonstrations, and got the issue into the national news.

Very soon the government will be announcing the public consultation, and this will be your chance to make your views on HS2 known to the government. If you sign up for the mailing list, we can help keep you informed.

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