Cheryl Gillan, MP, speaks out against HS2

The cabinet reshuffle last week saw Cheryl Gillan, MP for Amersham, lose her role as Secretary of State for Wales.

There were immediate calls for her to talk out against HS2, now she was no longer constrained by cabinet collective repsonsibilty to keep any opposition quiet in public.

By Thursday morning, she’d already made her opposition clear, telling the Bucks Free Press that David Cameron and former Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, were already well aware of her opposition to HS2 and that “my claws were temporarily sheathed but they haven’t lost their sharpness.”

This was followed up at the weekend, first with an article by Gillan in the Telegraph

“When I look at the public finances, I wonder how such an expensive project with such a weak business case can survive. I urge the new Transport Secretary to recognise HS2 is not a project to be put on hold – it’s one for the dustbin.”

On Sunday she was interviewed on Sky.

Her views were covered by a range of other media outlets, including – BBC Cheryl Gillan: Ex-minister attacks ‘terrible’ HS2 plan, Wales Online, Former Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan hits out at HS2 rail plan and the Independent.

Cheryl Gillan’s made a good start to make her opposition clear – joining other senior Conservative MPs, such as Christopher Chope and David Davis, who’ve spoken out against HS2 recently. Stop HS2 expect her to continue!

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