Why homes matter to people

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the upset Hs2 Ltd caused Vikie Shanks. Her husband died four years ago, but in spite of that Hs2 Ltd wrote a letter addressed to the dead man asking for access. That might have been bad enough, but then HS2 Ltd had wrote to him again within a week asking why he hadn’t answered

Vickie Shanks has got seven children, and has set up a Youtube channel to show how HS2 is affecting her and her family.

This was filmed after the HS2 march in Burton Green on the 11th March.


More about Vikie in the Leamington Observer – HS2 letters sent to deceased Kenilworth man – and
Coventry Telegraph – letter sent to mum to say home to be razed addressed to dead husband

PS Don’t forget the Buron Green April Fools’ Duck Race at Patricks Farm, Hampton in Arden, at 2pm on the 1st April.

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  1. I think you’ll find that, like any company interested in land information, HS2 would have to rely on the national land registry to get any landownership information. It is perfectly clear therefore that Mrs Shanks has forgotten (for four years) to even notify the Registry that her husband has died! Does that mean HS2 do not need Mrs Shanks permission to obtain the land as it has not been transferred to her ownership? Interesting.

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