Greening and Baker confirm HS2 is a White Elephant

One minute Justine Greening claims that IT won’t cut the need to travel to justify having HS2, then the next she says the ‘step change’ the country needs is using IT to cut the need for travel. Odd that ain’t it?

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  1. As it is clearly true that there is less need to travel to work, should somebody not explain this to those who are presently building the Shard and rebuilding London Bridge station right alongside it, and the new tower blocks in Bishopsgate and Fenchurch St. in the City and similar developments in Birmingham and elsewhere?

  2. Yes, the sooner we all reduce our use of private transport, make far more use of public transport instead and cut out unnecessary local journeys and make the most out of IT – the better for us all

  3. Personal insult is not the way to go. So why not welcome the idea but make the scheme go further, by builing a magnetic level railway to Birmingham, underground all the way. It would only cost about as much as United Utillities water pipleline, which the pension industry is keen to fund.

  4. Is this so easy to get work at DfT and not much IQ are required? Or they all have amnesia I.e. not quite remember what their views were/are/to be? And we pay these idiots to manage our country?

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