Some views about HS2

In the last two weeks, there’s been intense press coverage about HS2, with many people coming out against it. National newspapers critical of the plans range from the Financial Times to the Socialist Worker,  along with a range of local papers from across the country.

We’ve picked out just a handful of articles discussing HS2:

Huffington Post HS2 is Socially Regressive, Environmentally Damaging and Bafflingly Irrational – John Whitelegg, Green Party Spokesperson on Sustainable Development

“The whole project is characterised by overblown rhetoric about economic growth, reducing the north south divide and making the nation more prosperous. It is of course nothing like this at all. It is a very expensive, very environmentally damaging, very badly thought through transport project. It is one of the most expensive transport projects supported by any government over the last three to four decades and has the weakest justification, business case and rationale. “

Guardian Don’t dismiss nimbyism – it’s the default mode of politics – Simon Jenkins

“Politicians are quick to sneer at complaints about HS2, but the tale of Boris’s airport shows how hypocritical they are

“…The urban coalitionists for whom no rural desecration seems nowadays unjustified are putty in the hands of those in the Heathrow and Gatwick corridors. The vales of Aylesbury and Severn, the Cambrian mountains and coasts of Argyll can be trashed with subsidised intrusions any day of the week, but the backyards of London are sacred.”

Brent and Kilburn Times Transport for London quashes rumours Overground trains between Euston and Queen’s Park will be cut after HS2 -Tara Brady

“In chapter three of the report, which was backed by government officials last week, it says London Overground services from Watford into Euston could be “removed” to make room at the station for high-speed services. “

News and Star HS2 project: Years of disruption on Cumbria-London trains – Julian Whittle

“Rail passengers between Cumbria and London could face seven years of sporadic disruption caused by the HS2 high-speed rail project….

“Work to adapt London Euston station to accommodate the 250mph trains may force it to close completely over bank holiday weekends”

The Plannerman Blog Trains, Planes and Internet Technology – Ian Butter

“21 years ago the height of modern business practice would see your average office operating with electronic typewriter/wordprocessors and fax machines. Top executives might have a wired-in carphone and at the very upper limits possibly a ticket on Concorde. The ‘New York for Breakfast’ meeting was the height of business sophistication and apparent success. The colour of the travel tag on your hand luggage was your mark of progress. Whilst telephone conferencing was emerging, in order to run your business, face to face meetings were still the norm, as they had been for millennia.

“But just look today at what has happened with technology in that short period of time. The rapid and revolutionary emergence of the Internet has led to a fundamental shift in the way we do business.”

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