The HS2 timetable

In the documentation the Department for Transport released last week, they included a timetable for their next steps in developing HS2.

High Speed Rail: The Timetable:

Spring 2012 Public consultation on blight proposals
Spring 2012 Consultation with statutory bodies on the safeguarding zone for phase 1
Spring 2012 Government receives HS2 Ltd advice on phase 2 route options
Spring 2012 Engagement programme along phase 1 route on Environmental Impact Assessment issues
Autumn 2012 New blight scheme and safeguarding zone in place
Autumn 2012 Engagement programme on phase 2 preferred route, to discuss local views and concerns
Spring 2013 Consultation on Environmental Statement for phase 1
End of 2013 Introduction of a hybrid bill to provide necessary powers to construct and operate phase 1 of the railway.
Early 2014 Consultation on preferred route for phase 2
Late 2014 Government’s announcement of the chosen route for phase 2
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  1. I’m not sure that this is the right place to put this comment, but I can’t help noticing the parallels here between the HS2 project and the Thames Estuary Airport project.
    The Thames estuary airport project is a project to build an airport that is too expensive in a dangerous and unsuitable location. It has been considered and rejected several times, but now the government is seriously looking at it as a good idea.
    I think that the problem in both cases is the government responding to vested interests and not getting a balanced view.
    Sometimes I wonder if the groups opposing these different schemes could explain to the government that its needs to take a balanced view.
    So instead of opposing HS2, oppose government transport plans that are based on the Tories helping out their mates. This may give a larger group of people to help with the exercise of trying to get the right infrastructure for Britain rather than the right Infrastructure for the political elite.

  2. It would be good to see a StopHS2 timetable! We really need to increasingly pile on the pressure on the decision makers so they are in no doubt that pushing ahead with it will really cause them pain, especially in the ballot box.

    • Agreed we need to pile on the pressure. If anyone has ideas about projects you can organise, please get in touch with us at Things people have done range from taking an advent calendar to Chequers up to walking the entire route.

      • Pressure should be concentrated on the MP’s many of whom dont seem to understand the implications of HS2 and on conservative party associations and donors
        We also need to counter the impression that business supports HS2 when many businesses certainly don’t e.g.IOD/many Chambers of commerce/list compiled by HS2AA
        We should all do what we can in these 3 areas and not be spun into mitigation and compensation diversions

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