Justine, the TSC and the WCML

This video is of Justine Greening at the Transport Select Committee on 14th December. Steve Baker asks her several times if she knows about the refusal by the Department for Transport to release information on the loading factors of the West Coast Main Line, whereas they released the equivalent data for the Great Western Line following FOI requests.

Although she says she will look into the inconsistancy, she refuses to say whether she will release the information.

As Steve Baker says, if the loading factors on the WCML are 56% at peak times as reported in the Financial Times – Fast rail opponents point to half-full trains – than the case for spending £33 billion on HS2 collapses. If the Department for Transport does not release it, people are going to assume that they are trying to hide the data.

As there has been no opportunity for public scrutiny of the data used by HS2 Ltd, how can the public be confident that the solution they are presented with is the right way to spend £33 billion of the taxpayer’s money?

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  2. Surely the recent Network Rail report should be part of the consultation process which we were told had closed mohths ago
    Ms Greening should postpone her decision until this report has been considerd by all interested parties

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