HS2’s damaging effect on our ancient woodland

According to the Woodland Trust, HS2 will cause direct damage to at least 21 ancient woodlands along it’s route, and will affect another 27 ancient woods which are with in 200m of the proposed railway lines.

Ancient woodland is defined as having been continually wooded since 1600 – one of the special features of ancient woodland is the centuries of undisturbed soils. Building HS2 will inevitably cause irreparable damage to the woods through which it passes.

For instance, Perivale Wood in Ealing is under threat. Perivale Wood is looked after by the Selbourne Society, and is the second oldest nature reserve in Britain: it was established over 100 years ago in 1902.

If you care about ancient woodland, you should care about the threat to it from HS2.

The Oak Tree Lament video shows some of the woodlands which will be directly affected by HS2: if you care about ancient woodland, please help us stop it by buying a copy of the Oak Tree Lament or by writing to your MP.

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