Stop HS2 at Downing Street

Stop HS2 campaigners delivered over 108,000 signatures to 10 Downing Street yesterday, before HS2 debate on Thursday.

Stop Hs2 campaigners outside 10 Downing Street

Campaigners Penny Gaines, Seb Berry, Rae Sloan, Keri Brennan, Lottie Jones and Joe Rukin

Joe gives box of petition sheets to Downing Street official

Joe Rukin handing over one box of petition signatures

MPs outside 10 Downing Street

MPs Andrea Leadson, Chris White, Dan Byles at Downing Street to hand over Stop HS2 petition

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  3. on Midland today last evening did I hear a Birmingham businessman correctly that hs2 was necessary so that potential customers could then visit them to look at their products—surely they can do that now?

    • Of course they can. The sales directors of Manchester businesses can also visit overseas customers by flying out of Manchester airport.

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