Round about the Party Conferences.

It’s party conference season, and Stop HS2 and our supporters are covering as many as we can. Joe Rukin, our campaign manager, has gone to three over the last three days.

Ellie the HS2 White Elephant is pictured in the BBC coverage of the Plaid Cymru party conference: the elephant’s keeper mentioned in the article is Joe Rukin. As was reported to the Transport Select Committee, HS2 is likely to cost Wales 21,000 jobs.

Joe spoke at the UKIP conference, as well as fitting in a side trip to the Green Party conference.

We haven’t got video coverage of these online yet, but in the meantime, here is a video of Mike Nattrass, UKIP MEP, taken at the national Stop HS2 conference in February.

PS It’s vital to have an anti-HS2 conference at as many party conferences as possible. Although we’ve got the volunteers to go to them, there are a lot of costs involved. If you can make a donation and support our presence at these conferences, we’d be really grateful. Cheques to Stop HS2 can be sent to Stop HS2, 131 Warwick Rd, Kenilworth CV8 1HY or you can pay directly into the bank account Lloyds-TSB, Sort Code 30-94-93, Account no, 34934760 or use the PayPal link on this page and help Stop HS2.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the Labour party conference, I remember Mr Miliband said that they where staring there policy review “with a blank piece of paper”, and HS2 is not on it.

    Keep it up, you are all doing sterling work.
    STOPHS2 in the national interest.

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