Last Day: Respond to the 2011 HS2 consultation NOW


Have you responded to the HS2 consultation?


If the answer is “no”, do so now.


If you want, cut and paste the following and email it to, remembering to add your name and postcode at the end.

Dear Secretary of State for Transport,
I utterly oppose HS2: there is no business case, no environmental case and no money to pay for it.
My answers to the HS2 consultation questions are:
1) No
2) No
3) No
4) No
5) No
6) Not at this time
7) Compensation must be fair and cover all losses.



The Department for Transport’s form is here, or you can use the quick response form set up by SNAG.  Be warned that the Department for Transport website was down for some time yesterday.

If you can can post it in time to have today’s postmark, you can send it to
High Speed Rail Consultation
PO Box 59528
SE21 9AX



15 comments to “Last Day: Respond to the 2011 HS2 consultation NOW”
  1. I would like to know who is going to really benefit from this proposal . It would seem that the route proposed has been “masterminded”
    precisely because its the most expensive possible . Whats the link between the designers and future contractors ? The equipment
    needed isn’t just a few bulldozers and cranes its some really serious tunnel digging machines . Why ? Because its not going on some
    flatter route its going right through the Chiltern Hills .
    There will be problems. Of course there will be ,its the perfect set up to double ,triple the cost or even have an abandoned project .

  2. A letter published in a paper says of the consultation—‘He will be aware that each household was only permitted to submit one response”,

    Is that correct please?

    • I read this and was surprised – especially as it was the lead letter in the Telegraph. I can’t see how it could be true as the consultation only asked for name and postcode – ie not address

  3. A high speed rail link would be an utter waste of money. It would serve no useful purpose and cause much destruction of green-belt land. In this age of the Internet there is no need for business people to commute. I am opposed to the idea of a high speed rail link.

    • I bet you are not a business person. A face to face meeting is always best for me and about 99.999% of other people I know.

      • Not true I regularly work with colleagues from around the world and we meet virtually using the extensive technologies that are available today. Building high speed rail networks are old fashioned we should be investing in more carbon reducing technologies and making this country an innovative technological leader not trying to implement an old fashioned solution.

      • I’m a designer. Since advent of the Mac and pdfs, I have clients I have never even met – all done via email.

  4. Please think about our countryside and precious communities. Please do not destroy what is good. As a country we cannot afford it, do not waste our money destroying the country that we all love. Put our well earned money into economically viable projects that protect the countryside and lifestyle we have been brought up in. We have trains, improve those that we have instead of going ahead with this ill thought out, destructive project. Do we really need a Hs2 when work life will inevitably change over the next few years? Our desire for green open peaceful spacesmwith species of animals and p,ants will never change,

  5. Dear Secretary of State for Transport,

    please consider the benefits of electrifying the St. Pancras Line north from Bedford through the East Midlands and into Yorkshire.

    Is it not more cost beneficial to spend a more modest amount on upgrading existing routes than the huge amounts proposed on HS2?

    Yours Sincerely,

    Michael Keightley,

    • How much extra capacity will this provide? Do you have a figure or are you just guessing this will probably do the job..?

  6. Please dont be like us americans and spend money where it is not needed. Think of all the other things you could and really should be doing with the money. The trains you use now arent full to begin with when they leave the station. This money could be used to create jobs for people who truely need them. People wont need a train to go to their jobs if they dont have one. Please seriously think about how you spend the money that others have worked so hard to earn.

    • Sorry, what do you mean by ‘the trains you use now aren’t full when they leave the station? Which station are you talking about? At the start of the journey or as they stop en route? At what time?

      By the way, where in the States do you think money has been spent that was not needed – what is your definition of that?

    • “The trains you use now arent full to begin with when they leave the station” – you’ve obviously never tried to get a seat on a train from Manchester to London.

      “This money could be used to create jobs for people who truely need them.” – how do you use money to create jobs? Maybe invest it in infrastructure? Perhaps a high speed rail line?

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