Consultation over – Thank you

The HS2 consultation closed at midnight last night.

Stop Hs2 would like to thank everyone who submitted responses opposing HS2.  Some of them will be very long, others very short, but every single one will make a difference.

We’d also like to thank the thousands of people who helped to get those responses.  Numerous people have helped out during the shadow road shows, taken forms out, posted leaflets through doors.  You’ve written letters, and got friends and relatives to respond.  You’ve made sure people know what the issues are, you’ve handed out leaflets, you’ve talked to people.

Of course, this is only part of the campaign.  There is still much to be done.

We will need to maintain the pressure on the Department for Transport, on Philip Hammond, on David Cameron and on local MPs and councillors.

But we have reached the end of one stage and can look ahead to the next…

2 comments to “Consultation over – Thank you”
  1. Thankyou to Lizzie ,Penny and all those who have worked so hard to make those who care about the country and countryside aware of the consequenses of the proposed HS2.let us hope that together we have done enough for right to win the battle .I hope that you can have a well earned break.Hoping that my small contribution has helped.very best wishes Elaine The petition continues to grow i’m pleased to see.

    • Elaine I’m sure Penny would be the first to say a beach is made of lots of grains of sand … and I;m sure you’re one. Each and everyone counts. We have a long way to go, but the immediate pressure is off for a few days with a chance to recharge batteries…ready for the next stage. Fine… chuck it on, we can take it, we dont need to drop our stance. We ARE right.

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