A week to the HS2 Consultation Ends

The Hs2 Consultation ends in one weeks time.

You only have a few days left to respond.

There is plenty of information available about the consultation. You can watch Joe’s video, you can read the articles on this website and check out a lot of other advice:

Email: highspeedrail@dft.gsi.gov.uk

Post to :
High Speed Rail Consultation
PO Box 59528
SE21 9AX

4 comments to “A week to the HS2 Consultation Ends”
  1. Its not a surprise that engineers support a major engineering project

    However they say—-

    ‘Additionally he (the chairman of the working group) urged Government to ensure the UK wide benefits are realised, by committing to the full ‘Y’ shaped route extending to Leeds and Manchester and by giving serious consideration to future extensions to other key UK cities’

    This is not planned in detail nor would it be in any hybrid bill in this parliament so where’s the commitment?

  2. ….but probably the best place to visit will be the website of the Institution of Civil Engineers where you will get a balanced response by professional experts in their field, who are both qualified and practice their skills on a daily basis.

    • ……………. civil engineers like Mott McDonald who will also be rubbing their hands at the work that might be coming their way………………

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