What you can do today to Stop HS2

There are lots of different ways that you can help the campaign to Stop HS2. We’ve listed some here, but maybe you can think of some other things to do as well:

  • You might have signed the old petition, but we need you to sign the new one on the Government epetitions website
  • Click this link:www.highspeedrail.org.uk and follow the instructions, to make it easy to tell your MP what you think
  • Donate some money! You can set up a standing order for as much or as little as you want, donate via the paypal button accessible here or send cheque (made payable to Stop HS2) to
    STOPHS2, 129 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1HY.
  • Contact your local Action Group: see our list here.
    If there isn’t an action group near you, we can help you set one up.
  • Write to Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport; his address is

    The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP
    Great Minster House,
    76 Marsham Street,
    SW1P 4DR

    E-Mail: philip.hammond@dft.gsi.gov.uk

  • Write to your MP: you can use http://www.writetothem.com or find their details on the Parliament website
    (Most MPs have an address like “House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA” )
  • Add comments to online news items which are discussing HS2
  • Write to local and national newspapers and magazines.
  • Follow us on twitter and retweet messages to your followers
  • Comment on blogs and news items which are discussing HS2.
  • Add  links to stophs2.org and the petition to your email signature
  • Write short articles about HS2 for our news section – especially if its an issue we haven’t covered yet.
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