25th April – HS2 news update

In the Press:
The Guardian highlighted the fundraising activities of pro and anti HS2 groups. Here at STOP HS2 we do not have a huge “war chest”, and we challenge the pro HS2 community to produce evidence to back their outrageous claims of million pound resources behind the STOP HS2 campaign.

The Bucks Free Press reminded readers of important upcoming HS2 roadshows. Everyone should get involved in the consultation process, please start by reading our briefing notes.

On the Net:
YesToHS2 was tweeting extensively, and Jerry Marshall replied with a blog post about the capacity argument.

Thought for today:
Dodgy maps, multi million pound marketing, last minute roadshows, questionable benefits and the minister resorting to name calling.  How about a public inquiry?  Why does HS2 not deserve the same rational and professional treatment as projects like Sizewell B and Terminal 5?

2 comments to “25th April – HS2 news update”
  1. prove that the benefits are questionable dont just say it put some meat on the bones!

    and people on this site routinely accuse hs2 supporters such as myself of being on someones payroll or agenda but as far as i am concerned insults and slurs have no place in this or any other debate.

    and you should be careful what you wish for. will stophs2 accept the findings of a public enquiry which would in all likelyhood come down in favour of construction of hs2 ?

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