HS2 Consultation – 100 Days left

As of today, there are 100 days left before the HS2 consultation closes.

We’ve updated our consultation section, to give you more advice on the consultation process.

Some of the local action groups are producing advice on answering the consultation questions.

Wendover HS2 Action Group have produced an 8 page leaflet. At the moment it is not online – but you can collect a copy at their HS2 Information Centre in 2 Icknield Court, Back Street, Wendover HP22 6EB. (The Information Centre is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am-4pm.)

Amersham Action Group are developing a section on their website.

Some local government bodies are producing advice, such as the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Other groups, like the Wildlife Trusts and local CPRE groups are also producing advice for their members, but these are not always on line. Please contact your local groups and see if they have advice.

If you are seeing friends or relatives who do not live close to the line for the bank holiday weekends coming up, why don’t you talk about the reasons to oppose HS2 with them, and let them know they can take part in the consultation as well?

12 comments to “HS2 Consultation – 100 Days left”
  1. Project Evergreen 3? This project by Chiltern Railways started long before HS2 even had a notional route. I’d check it out with Chilterns rather than hS2 if you are concerned

  2. If the HS2 route is still under consultation, how come fpr a year or so there has been substantial earthwork at the site of the Hillingdon waste tranfer station on the Chiltern Linem there are huge wire encased stone blockings going inplace and what looks to be a deviaton to circumvent the prolem of the HS2 having to use a slow bend where the line goes under the Underground Central Line at South Ruislip, also major structural work on occasions to the rail bridge over the road at Ruislip Station, at one point a portacabin was actually parked under the bridges for day’s causing chaos, is it right that work could have started before consultations have been sought.

    • Brian – why dont you ring them and find out whats going on? Then report your findings back on here?. I look forward to your reply.

  3. The website still doesn’t allow me to submit any responses to the questions, I can’t take part in the consultation.
    But I have just came across a new acronym for High Speed Rail…. HMR (High Maintenance Rail), I think I will write a letter to Alison Munro @ HS2 Limited, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5DU to tell her about it

      • Let us know which link you are using Luke….if it doesnt work , I ll notify HS2 myself to say that you are not able to answer the questions……

          • Of course you could always copy and paste the questions to word and then simply pop the document in the post.

            Is anyboday else having the same problem as Luke??

        • Aha Gary – so you’ve got a direct line to the DfT! Funny how you keep asking other for information and answers to questions, yet are sooooooo accommodating when it comes to contacting HMG. Are you sure you’re not in the pay of the spymasters??

          • No lell …but I have got e mail. So if anyone else is having trouble with the link, i dont mind e mailing HS2 to say how unfair it is that the stopHS2 campaigners cannot answer the consultation questions which are open to everyone on the website. It does seem very unfair to me if the DFT are deliberately stopping anti HS2 people from airing their views, so if that is the case , by all means let us know on here.

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