HS2 debate in Parliament 13th September

In response to the petition  “Stop work on HS2 immediately and hold a new vote to repeal the legislation“, a debate on HS2 has been scheduled for Monday 13th September in the Houses of Parliament.

If you signed the petition (thank you to the many thousands of people who did), you should have got an email last week letting you know about it.

We haven’t yet got any details about times (it is likely to be in the afternoon), but we’ll let you once we get them.

The petition is now closed, but you might also like to make sure your MP knows about it in advance.


3 comments to “HS2 debate in Parliament 13th September”
  1. Business Case does not add up (assumptions cannot be achieved and passenger numbers take no account of radical shift in extent of working remotely following government manufactured crisis a.k.a pandemic plus growth of digital working from anywhere), additional costs (electrification and cost of actual trains e.g.) Project has been flagged as unachievable by government’s own project monitoring process and the carbon neutral claims are clearly invalid. The destruction of wildlife habitat and ancient woodland is unjustifiable and HS2 have operated well outside their remit (with contracted thuggery being employed to intimidate legitimate protests).

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