A referendum on HS2?

The LibDem’s Sarah Green has won the Chesham and Amersham by-election and is now the local Member of Parliament.

The election was called following the death of Cheryl Gillan, MP, who had strongly opposed HS2 ever since it had been announced.

On a local level Green was strongly opposed to the project promising to be a “thorn in the side of this government and HS2 contractors” (on a national level the LibDem’s support it).

In addition, the LibDems had thrown huge resources into the constituency, with campaigners coming from as far away as Bournemouth to support the candidate: one local resident reports getting 14 election leaflets from the LibDems alone.

There have been suggestions that many Conservatives stayed at home: the total turnout was 18,000 fewer then in 2019.

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll out this week, shows that a mere 6% of the public strongly support HS2: it is not a project people want.

Was the Chesham and Amersham by-election a referendum on HS2? We wouldn’t go that far, but if Boris Johnson had chosen to cancel HS2 instead of issue Notice to Proceed, this by-election would have been a lot more favourable for them.

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  1. Johnson continues to believe opposition to HS2 will go away, he should get out and about, and look at the appalling destruction that has already been wreaked, and that’s only the start. It might help if he stopped and reflected, but cows mighty fly…..
    Meanwhile, information which came from Balfour Beatty that ALL costs relating to security people, (of whom there seem to be many in the Great Missenden/Wendover area, and doing what exactly?), are excluded from bids., No change there then, further misleading of taxpayers.

  2. Don’t call it HS2, the new name should be “The White Elephant Line”.
    Johnson is so full of it, he thinks the by-election result is a blip, he needs reminding that he is our servant, not the other way around.

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