Latest Polling – Support for HS2 drops from 34% to 28% in 4 months whilst opposition grows.

In the latest YouGov polling, conducted on 18th May 2020, just over one quarter of British adults support the construction of HS2, with support for the project dropping from 34% to 28% since the last polling on Janurary 21st. Opinions of the project have sharply diverged, with opposition to the project rising from 39% to 44%, a net swing in opinion of 11%.You Gov May 2020

Despite the drivel that proponents of HS2 and politicians try and con people into believing that the project is somehow all about ‘rebalancing the economy’, or more latterly ‘levelling up’ the English Midlands and North, the place where the most support for HS2 comes is London, where 33% of people are in favour of the project and 37% are against. This again represents a massive swing as previous polls have shown more people supporting HS2 in the capital than opposing it. Back in January, 42% of Londoners supported HS2 with only 23% being against, representing a whopping 23% swing towards opposition to the project in the capital. .

Possibly the thing that stands out the most from polling is the fact how political opinion from people who voted for the largest three national UK parties has hardened against HS2, with the percentage of people opposing HS2 who voted Labour (50%), Conservative (46%) or Liberal-Democrat (49%) all outstripping the national average (44%). HS2 also now seems to bridge the Brexit divide: Whether people voted Leave or Remain, they don’t want HS2 in far more decisive numbers than Brexit was approved on. All of the numbers below show an increase in opposition to HS2 and a drop in support since January.

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  1. A shame that those against are not signing the Parliamentary Petition(s) – there are 2 running at present. Both involve HS2 stopping work at this crucial time. Both have received the ‘standard’ answer at 10,000. It would help if 100,000 could be reached so that there would at least be a prospect of Discussion.

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