Latest polling: Londoners want HS2, no-one else does.

The latest polling from YouGov, conducted on January 21st (so before a stack of the latest scandals) has shown that on balance, if you are a Remainer living in London you think HS2 is a great idea. If you’re not, you don’t.

The poll showed 39% of the public are against HS2 with only 34% for it, but these figures are massively swayed by the large number of supporters HS2 has in the capital, with just 23% against HS2 in London, opposed to 42% being for it. In the Midlands & Wales and North of England, the figures are 45% against 33% for and 41% against 35% for.

In respect to politics, supporters of Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal-Democrats all come out against HS2: 40:35; 44:34 and 41:36 respectively. Whilst there is slight overall support for HS2 amongst remain voters, there is a large opposition to HS2 amongst leavers: 36:38 and 48:30 respectively.


4 comments to “Latest polling: Londoners want HS2, no-one else does.”
  1. Why are Londoners for a project that ruins the natural environment, shoved people out of their homes and businesses with little compensation by compulsory purchase orders, has bullying security approach to protestors, has no carbon neutral future and damages the planet, is astronomically expensive for the tax payer, is only for the use of a minority, and only takes the journey time.

  2. Sorry, read too fast and realise the questions were OK – still wonder who they asked and how many.
    Encouraging though to see that there is quite a feeling against.

  3. I wonder who they asked – and how the questions were worded.
    At the end of the day these are Statistics – and we know all about that!
    How ‘representative’ were the samples?
    Can they explain why Londoners are for HS2?

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