Help us deliver the Stop HS2 message to Boris Johnson.

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Dear Stop HS2 supporter,

To say it has been hectic time the last week or so would be a massive, massive understatement.

But first, can you help us deliver the message to Boris Johnson tomorrow (Saturday) [Please note, although this event is passed, there is another way we’d like you to deliver a message to him, below]

[This weekend we had planned for another mass direct action in Colne Valley, but as happened with the first one a fortnight ago, HS2 Ltd have chickened out of their road closures, so we’ve decided that as Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to have noticed that there high-motivated, capable and coordinated environmental protectors on his doorstep in Colne Valley, that to make sure he gets this point, we’ll actually have to physically turn up on his doorstep!

So This Saturday 1st February, there will be another walk through the Colne Valley Park, down the canal into Uxbridge, to deliver the message direct to Boris Johnsons constituency office, and the Uxbridge Civic Centre, where he holds most of his meetings. If you are coming for the walk, remember boots or wellies, or you can join us at either location in Uxbridge. Details are here, rough timings are: 12pm Harvil Road Camp, Harefield UB9 6JW; 1-1:30pm Harefield Rd, Uxbridge UB8 1PJ; 2:30-5:00 Uxbridge Civic Centre, High St, Uxbridge UB8 1UW.

To get back to what’s been happening:

In just the last 48 hours we have had Chancellor Sajid Javid brief the Thursday papers that HS2 was going to happen because he supports it, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps late on Wednesday night on Peston categorically denied that a decision would happen yesterday, and then by Thursday night we found out Javid had been lambasted, for attempting to hijack the decision on HS2 and undermine the Prime Minster.

Yesterday, civil servants trying to force HS2 through have leaked the Oakervee Review on HS2 for the third time, with the BBC claiming that it’s absolutely, definitely, certainly without doubt the final version of the report this time! But no-one seems massively interested, especially given that Lord Berkeley made it clear on Tuesday that the report, which was meant to investigate the conduct and competence of HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport, was actually written by Department for Transport, saying that “It wasn’t independent at all”! There is one thing all sides of the debate can agree on from the review though; they have concluded that Government should either do all the project or none of it.

It was just a week ago when the fourth National Audit Office report on HS2 came out. The headlines were that no-one understood the complexity or risk of HS2 before deciding to go ahead, but the really interesting stuff was what the NAO reported that other people had said, like the fact the IPA now rate delivery of the HS2 programme as “RED” or “unachievable”. Other gems were that HS2 Ltd themselves had said the project was both unaffordable and value for money, no, that isn’t a typo, unaffordable AND value for money! And that tells you everything you need to know about how this bunch of crooks operate….

The NAO report prompted whistle-blowers to speak up again to absolutely confirm that parliament was deliberately and knowingly misled on the costs of HS2, and former head of property at HS2 Doug Thornton got his calculator out and came to the conclusion that after adding on inflation, the estimated £120bn cost of HS2 is the equivalent of the cost of the entire Apollo space programme!

After former Green Party leader Baroness Bennet told other politicians that they should stop greenwashing HS2 and pretending it has any environmental credentials, we have seen more action in the protection camps along the route, with more digging in London and Buckinghamshire, whilst direct action has significantly stepped up in Warwickshire.

It is now absolutely clear that the whole decision about HS2 will be down to Boris Johnson. It’s like a referendum when only one person has a vote! As such, we’ve recorded a message which we need you to send on to him, along with whatever you want to say about HS2. The video is here: Facebook version and Youtube Version. Email addresses are and, or via this form

There are a couple of other actions to get done now, such as check out Chris Packhams Crowdjustice appeal, and you have just until Sunday to join the Wildlife Trust online action to call on Boris Johnson to scrap HS2. If you haven’t sent our mythbuster briefing to your MP yet, please do that via these links and op-HS2-Fact-Sheet-Jan-2020.pdf

It can be done. We can win this. But not without all of you.

If you are receiving this email, you are Stop HS2.


Penny & Joe.

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  1. Was appalled to see the environmental desolation caused by HS2 in the Colne Valley during the rally. Boris’s own constituency doorstep! It beggars belief what Boris and Sajid let Geo Osbourne et al get away with. Is that hole big enough to take Boris, Sajid, Geo Osbourne, NPH, The Two Andys, Mark Thurston or are their back pockets too full to fit in?

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