Employee who was fired by HS2 to hide the true costs speaks out, as managers are accused of fraud.

Exclusive report by Andy Bevan for ITV Central

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  1. The interest on the £100 billion cost of HS2 must work out to be at least £2 billion/annum. Can ANYONE be so stupid as to imagine one rail line making enough profit to even pay the interest back annually, let alone starting to recoup the capital sum involved? This amount does not even include the interest payments on the money already spent and the accumulated interest costs as the costs increase over the years of construction. This is a crazy decision. Voters will certainly ask how much is Boris and/or the Conservative Party making on this decision? Please justify why the patently stupid Conservative government is persisting in wasting over £100 billion on an EU inspired vanity project. If BJ wants to re-invigorate the North there are far better ways to spend £100+ billion!

  2. With you all the way Ann. We have archeological works for HS2 in our village at the moment. Six men in high viz from top to toe , three HS2 vehicles a whole day to move one footpath sign two feet. It’s like a Fawlty Towers sketch only not as funny. Piggies with their noses in the trough is why this project will go ahead. Boris Johnson hasn’t got the guts to pull the plug. He says HS2 is in a big hole and the only way to deal with it is to keep digging. I’ve got a better idea, climb out of the hole fill it in wave goodbye to the already wasted £9billion and give the taxpayers pot hole free roads, more hospitals and longer commuter trains that run on time there would still be change out of £106 billion.

  3. Let’s stop HS2 NOW £100b+ That is obscene. They say it is to take wealth to the north. Do they think we are stupid. Can’t everybody see, it’s
    to bring more wealth from the north back down to London and the south east.

  4. How many more need to speak out? How many more lies exposed? How much destruction to the environment? How much incompetence needs to be brought to light?
    How much longer will we have to suffer the pretence that HS2 is the answer to all the problems faced by our country?
    When things appear too good to be true, we are told to Beware yet many seem to have fallen for the ‘reasons’ for continuing with this ill fated project.
    As it is unlikely that people will be able to get to the proposed stations (their rail access currently crumbling), few will benefit from the actual trains.
    As the speed is already being ‘downgraded’ why must the line travel directly through Ancient Forests and Beauty spots?

  5. As Andrew Bruce has demonstrated, HS2 Ltd. will do anything, say anything to get HS2 approved. Osborne,Grayling and May all knew that the actual costs were going to be well in excess of the stated budget for HS2, prior to its approval – remember MPs were whipped to ensure that the first stage would be approved – even very recently, a transport minister said that the budget remained at £55.7bn.,misleading hardly covers it. Politicians will continue to be treated with disdain and contempt, unsurprisingly. I expect opposition on the ground to continue, Adonis talked about the regret of disruption, he should have said destruction.
    Above all, this £100bn.+ project will not be ready until 2040, meanwhile the project called for £11bn. of savings, i.e. important renewal, updating work which would not be carried out thanks to this nonsense, it stinks.

  6. Thank you to all the EX HS2 employees who have and are speaking out about this depraved and deceitful Government owned organisation which has already ruined hundreds of lives and livelihoods, decimated our once beautiful countryside, created bio-diversity losses and added to climate breakdown BEFORE it is even shovel ready. I dread to imagine the war like landscape it will create if it goes ahead – this is not being a ‘nimby’ it is a realistic outcome from Constructors and Investors who care more about pocketing our money than saving our fragile country and planet.

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