HS2 Ltd Ignore Criminal Law Act Protections to Partly Evict Harvil Road Camp Without Eviction Order

Today, HS2 Ltd decided to evict the Harvil Road HS2 protection camp in Harefield, despite the fact that protestors had legal occupation of the land under the Criminal Law Act 1977.

In November last year, HS2 won an eviction order for part of the footpath connecting the field off Harvil Road to the other end of the campsite in the woodland by the HOAC lake. At the time, the judge was very specific that the eviction order only applied to the path, but today HS2 Ltd decided they could evict the entire camp under Compulsory Purchase Oder powers, despite the supposed protection of the CLA, which suggests this is an illegal eviction. Additionally, the camp was there with the permission of the previous tenant before the CPO came into effect, and besides the footpath no notice of eviction has ever been served on the camp.

In this video, the man in charge of the eviction admits there is no eviction order, and the eviction is being conducted under a compulsory purchase order, despite the fact the land is covered by a notice of occupation under the Criminal Law Act.

Here, the lead enforcement officer explains further that HS2 Ltd and the DfT themselves issued a writ for the eviction, which is happening with no notice whatsoever, despite the camp being covered by a Schedule 6 notice, and it being the permanent place of residence of several of the campers.

Finally, Sarah Green tries to explain that HS2 Ltd are carrying out an illegal eviction, in breach of the Criminal Law Act 1977. Not long after posting this video, Sarah was carried off the main part of the site.

At the time of writing, HS2 Ltd say they have taken the field part of the camp, the bit next to next to Harvil Road, the other end of the camp in the woodland at HOAC lake seems safe and remains occupied for now. However, HS2 Ltd didn’t properly fence off the entire field, so protestors are still on the site and have never left that one corner. No matter what HS2 might claim about taking vacant possession of the land, the land occupied for the last two years doesn’t end where they have arbitrarily placed their fence. HS2 Ltd are apparently letting people back into the camp tomorrow (Wednesday 8th January) to retrieve belongings.

It is clear that this eviction has been hastened by the fact that HS2 Ltd are planning to take down the trees on Harvil Road and along the Chiltern Line – which comprises two sides of the field the main camp is in – on the weekend on 17th=19th January. HS2 Ltd had planned to do this earlier in the year, but were prevented in doing by an occupation.
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