What’s your MP doing on Thursday?

Is your MP going to the debate about High Speed Rail on Thursday?

It will be held in Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament, on Thursday 31st March between 2.30 and 5.30

It’s been arranged by MPs Andrea Leadsom, Geoffrey Robinson, Dan Byles and Peter Bone.  Geoffrey Robinson has come out against HS2 already – even though it does not pass through his constituency.  Andrea and Dan are both directly effected, but Peter Bone’s Wellingborough constituency is the far side of the M1 from the proposed route.

The Parliament website says:

The Committee was told that a debate on this issue would be timely as the consultation process for High Speed Two has just begun and there is wide interest from backbench Members with different views on the project.

Why not email your MP and tell them HS2 is an issue you care about?

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  1. I hope the PM will attend. an excerpt from the chequers estate act 1917 holds the PM accountable for keeping a balance between the claims of town and country. the chiltern society is highlighting the 160 nature reserves/SSSI and at least 22 ancient forests that will be destroyed by HS2. We hope the PM will take note of our daily protest walks and read our blogs on the chiltern society facebook page (HS2 say no), and consider carefully his personal responsibility in this project, to listen to the voices of so many people and organisations that believe HS2 is both damaging to the environment and an economic white elephant.

    ‘ the periodic contact ” with the most typical rural life would create and preserve a just ” sense of proportion between the claims of town and country. Chequers and its annals might suggest some saving virtues in the ” continuity of English history and exercise a check upon too hasty ” upheavals,’

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