HS2 Debate, Wednesday 10th July

Andrea Leadsom has secured a Westminster Hall debate on the business case for HS2 on Wednesday 10th July at 4.30pm.

She says on her website:

I know how many of my constituents in South Northants remain really concerned about the impact of HS2 locally including compensation, as well as the business case and wider economic impact, and the project’s overall value-for-money.

Over the past few years I have continued to raise these concerns at all levels, including to the various Chief Executives of HS2 Ltd through the line of route briefing meetings in Parliament for MPs as well as through direct correspondence (copies of which are available here). I also set up the HS2 Compensation & Mitigation Forum in Parliament for MPs to discuss common issues of complaint, and I continue to represent my constituents’ views locally on the South Northants HS2 Liaison Group that meets regularly.

I was therefore really pleased that one of the first things I’ve managed to do as a backbencher is to secure a debate in Parliament on HS2, and I will be raising as many of the concerns about the project as I can. I look forward to a great many colleagues speaking in the debate, which will be on Wednesday 10th July at 4.30pm, and I will be asking some very probing questions of the Minister about the business case.

I do hope that you will follow online via parliamentlive.tv

We will be watching and tweeting as @joerukin and @penny_gaines

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  1. Judging by what I saw the so-called “debate” was nothing of the sort. The Minister hardly responded to the often deeply embarrassing disclosures made by various MPs. This continues the theme of “consultations” which were yet again nothing of the sort.The HS2 scheme has very little support, not surprisingly as the business case does not stack up. It is also clear that an East/West line would have far more support, but that again should be looked at critically. Overall,as Andrea Leadsom said, why spend north of £100bn. on one new train line, it simply does not make economic sense.

  2. Perhaps The Time Is Now for Parliament to listen to their constituents and bring an end to this climate changing, bio-diversity killing, community destroying project and tell HS2 pro-lobbyists you have had your handouts, this is now ending.

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