Looking at… HS2 Consultation Question 7

From the HS2 Consultation documents:

The questions on which the Government is seeking views are set out below. In each case, the Government is interested in whether or not you agree with its proposals and why, as well as any additional evidence that you feel it should consider in reaching its final decisions.

7) This question is about blight and compensation (Annex A):
Do you agree with the options set out to assist those whose properties lose a significant amount of value as a result of any new high speed line?

This is the second time the government have consulted the public on blight associated with HS2 – and it won’t be the last, as they have said they will have anther consultation in 2012. There will also be further consultations on blight provisions for the second phase of the proposed railway to Manchester and Leeds.

The consultation documents suggest that the areas afflicted by second phase may have a different compensation scheme to the first phase. This idea that people in different areas would get different packages is intrinsically unfair: why should one area be expected to put up a less generous scheme then another area?

In addition, noise and vibration from HS2 will also blight homes.  Will there be compensation for people who are no longer able to sit in peace in their garden?

So the Stop HS2 answer is “no”, we disagree with the options.

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