The “final frontier” of the proposed HS2 route

The Woodland Trust have produced a video of Winnington Wood, one of the 19 ancient woodland directly affected by HS2.

As they say:

We are now in the final frontier of the proposed HS2 route. It’s more important than ever that we stand up together and make our voices heard.

This is your chance to stand up for trees and make sure HS2 Ltd understands that the impact of the Phase 2b route on our irreplaceable ancient woods is wholly unacceptable. Add your voice at

We encourage everyone to go to respond to the consultation, and thank you to the Woodland Trust for providing an easy way to do so.

3 comments to “The “final frontier” of the proposed HS2 route”
  1. HS2 boss predicts new line will create 500,000 new jobs

    7 November 2018,
    ‘The chair of HS2 Ltd has claimed the controversial new rail line could help create 500,000 new jobs. Speaking today at the inaugural HS2 Economic Growth Conference, Sir Terry Morgan is expected to say existing local growth plans show it could help create almost 500,000 jobs and nearly 90,000 new homes across the country’

    Hope someone is going to do a foi request for evidence to substantiate this garbage

  2. Utter waste of money and the only people who will be able to afford to use it will be business people, just so they can get from a to b a few minutes quicker. Ruining so many lives and the countryside, money would be better spent upgrading the old tracks and looking after the NHS for everyone

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