Carillion Award was Symptomatic of Chronic Mismanagement of HS2

Today, crisis-hit Carillion has gone into liquidation, less than six months after it was awarded the contract to design and build all the tunnels on Phase 1 of HS2.

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin said:

“This is just the latest mess in a parade of spectacular disasters that have plagued the idiotic vanity project that is HS2, and the fact Carillion were even awarded the contract in the first place is symptomatic of the chronic mismanagement we have come to expect. It was clear at the time of the award that Carillion were in serious trouble, so we were amazed that they won, and many saw the award of the HS2 contract at the time simply as an attempt to prop up an ailing Conservative donor.”

“We have no doubt there will be all the usual implausible scripted denials that this will not cause any problems, that plans are in place and ‘HS2 remains on time and on budget’, but anyone who thinks that losing a contractor on a project plagued by massive budget over-runs won’t lead to an increase in costs is deluding themselves, the same way that anyone who claims a project which is already two years behind schedule won’t slip further is in cloud cuckoo land.”

“This whole farce has swung the spotlight back on HS2, and as ever before this unwanted white elephant is in trouble. Hopefully this will remind politicians that there is still chance to cancel HS2 before even more taxpayers money is committed to this gravy train.”

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  1. This news seems to have been ‘buried’ by revelations of HS2 ‘getting on with things’ – grants awarded, contracts agreed etc.
    All aboard the Gravy Train . . . .

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