HS2 Disaster – film and petition calling on Grayling to cancel HS2

At Stop HS2, we tend to report most on the economic and environmental problems with HS2 – but HS2 affects numerous people and families directly and personally.  We hear some heartbreaking stories about how HS2 Ltd has acted towards individuals

Now, HS2 Disaster has launched a video which highlights some of the stories, along with a petition calling on Chris Grayling to cancel the project. However, this petition has now been surpassed by the official Stop HS2 one on the Government website (this is because the Government epetition website was suspended due to the 2017 election and not restored until September).

Already in the first few hours, the petition has had over 1000 people signing it.

The video features Crystal Ryall who says “How can you honestly tell people that their children and their parents are just going to be kicked out of the house they own?

“You’re not safe, because if the Government want it, they are going to take it, and that’s that. They should stop pouring all this money into something that’s never going to be any good to anybody.”

The video also features Vikie Shanks from Warwickshire, Ron and Jin from Staffordshire.

Also in the film is UKIP MEP Jill Seymour, who sits on the European Union’s transport committee. “This vanity project is already spiralling out of control, and it will be our children – and their children – who will be paying this debt,” she said.

“When the £111 billion could be spent on our NHS, emergency services, new housing, and social services, why is the priority on a railway we don’t need?”

The petition this video launched can be found here.

Click this link for the official Stop HS2 petition on the Government website.

6 comments to “HS2 Disaster – film and petition calling on Grayling to cancel HS2”
  1. Under 7000 signatures just now
    Govt will claim this endorses this project
    Surely these 7000 know at least 10 others who would sign or have we given up including those on phase 2?

  2. It is a disaster which won’t be finished before it is out of date and the destruction needed to build it is appalling

  3. Will Jill Seymour be actively promoting this petition or will it end up as yet another worthy attempt which fails to show the level of opposition to this wretched project?

  4. Can someone explain to me what this HS2 will achieve, how is it going to be viable, where are the passengers coming from to use these trains. Where is the money coming from, the NHS is collapsing, the education system is collapsing the roads are no better than cart tracks, the military is almost finished, the police are all underfunded as is the fire and ambulance services as far as I can see we are a third world country.
    Money taken from the hard working taxpayer is wasted on the likes of HS2 we send money to countries that are richer than Britain, we send millions to “poor” countries to help the starving but it never gets to the needy people.
    It is about time we started to get this country put right instead of wasting money on other pointless things.

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