HS2 pre-empt consultation with ‘special’ compensation announcement.

Confusion and a little bit of animosity has recently reigned in Mexborough, as for some bizarre reason, HS2 Minister Paul Maynard has decided to write to residents of the part-constructed Shimmer Estate, hoping to reassure them that even if a 250mph train is driven through it, it will remain a “pleasant and secure place to live” . In his letter, he has singled out Shimmer residents as able to claim part of the standard compensation package currently available to any residents who live between 60 & 120 metres of the centre line of the route on Phases 1 & 2a.

Whilst that may be rather bizarre, what seems totally wrong is the fact that the consultation has not reported back on where the Phase 2b route through Yorkshire would go, so to do this now suggests that the consultation, along every other consultation HS2 Ltd have run over the last seven years was a complete farce, simply a box-ticking exercise which was never going to actually influence HS2 Ltd.

In his letter, Maynard says:

“I recognise that this is a difficult time for Shimmer residents and I would like to thank them for their patience and reassure them they will be treated fairly and with compassion. We are making this cash offer to eligible Shimmer homeowners to encourage those who wish to continue living on the estate do so. We will continue to work closely with all those affected to get the best outcome for everyone involved and ensure the development remains a pleasant and secure place to live.”

The ‘cash offer’ he was speaking of is a lump-sum payment of 10% of the unblighted open market value of properties, with a minimum payment of £30,000 to a maximum of £100,000. If you stay put or sell on, you keep the money, but it will be deducted from any compensation payment if you later sell to HS2 Ltd. This is part of the standard compensation package currently available for people within 60-120m of the HS2 route on Phase 1 and 2a, so in saying it will be available to residents on Shimmer, he is basically saying that the consultation was a sham and Phase 2b will go through the estate.

The singling out of Shimmer has caused resentment in other parts of Mexborough, with Shimmer resident Rachel Ridler saying: “People are now angry at us and accusing us of getting preferential treatment.” and Councillor Sean Gibbons adding “Residents in other areas now felt even more neglected and in the dark.”

Why Maynard decided pre-empt the route consultation and wrote just to Shimmer residents to tell them they qualify for part of the standard compensation package, and not everyone within 120m of the proposed Phase 2b route, well your guess is as good as ours. But this is symptomatic of the disjointed way HS2 Ltd communicate, and that even when they think they are doing the right thing, they get it spectacularly wrong.

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  1. Why is this being built??? They are using our tax payers money to fund something we don’t need at all! Half the money used for this project would be more than enough to fix any problems at the stations we already have. Where does it say that the public agreed to this taking place?? The public have not agreed This it’s all. I know I never agreed it. The greedy money launders that call them self politicians In the house of parliament trying to line there pockets with our money yet again. This is just another scam from our government to take our money! I wonder how many corners will/have already been cut to make this thing Happen! I’m totally against this being built like so many others that will never get there voice heard over the sound of money going into twats in suits pockets!

  2. Rachel rider is correct in her remark about other Mexborough residents
    Feeling that it is all about the shimmer residents
    My home is also in the safeguard zone my home which I have owned for 30 years where my daughters where born I can remember when I first bought my first home when there was a power station on the shimmer estate I have had disturbance ever since pasture road used as a race track car crashes on the exit of shimmer estate what people don’t know is that for the last 10 years there has been talk of something like the hs2 happening
    I have had offers from a unknown well known Mexborough man who has been chancing me to sell my home to him for the last 10 years he now owns about 15 houses on my road which is don view row
    What I’m trying to say is don’t blame hs2 for all this mess
    You can Blame strata homes for building on a flood plain you can
    Blame the council for qranting planning if a man knew something 10 years ago what was going on then someone else did
    I have decided to take the money and run a hard choice as my home was for my girls no one can stop this it will happen

  3. The HS2 is a disaster it is the pink elephant of the Osbourne era and like him it needs to go the people do not want this monstrosity in there Country side

  4. Sadly, typical of the cack-handed, shambolic and arrogant way residents are treated. This Govt. is determined to push this unwanted nonsense through regardless of pain caused and cost which, regardless what proponents say, appear to be running far ahead of agreed budgets
    It is not too late to stop this farce, which was forced through Parliament by stealth and deviousness with scant regard to public opinion and opposition.No tenders should be awarded until an enquiry is held into what this country needs, not a railway line decided upon by politicians apparently immune from challenge and who won’t meet opponents to discuss their justified concerns for a project which costs a bomb, and for which the apparent benefits have just been made up.

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