HS2 and Public Sector Pay on Question Time

For the last two weeks, HS2 has come up on BBC Question Time, both times being mentioned as something which could be cut to help pay for public sector pay increases. Jacob Rees Mogg and Nick Ferarri have basically made the same point, that if you don’t want to increase borrowing or taxes, then to increase Government spending on one item, something else has to go, so why not pick the most useless item of Government spending?

We’ve added  these  clips to our playlist of the times HS2 has got a kicking on Question Time.


2 comments to “HS2 and Public Sector Pay on Question Time”
  1. Please leave our countryside alone and put the monies into improving the existing rolling stock and look into alternative ways of transportation. Population control would be beneficial to all countries of the world. Get away from growth, we need to go to a kinder way of living with the environment and wildlife, people are not more important.

  2. I watched these clips as far as the Will Self one, as he’s right about the implied Government corruption. And also that ‘consultants’; who have been skimming off taxpayers money for decades, will produce totally worthless and meaningless reports just to line their own pockets too.

    However, as far as I can tell, no one seems to be talking about Human Rights in all of this. So if you read this support #TIBOHR and vote for the petitions linked to that. But don’t ‘donate’ to either of the ‘hosting websites’ as they have done nothing to help spread the word about these campaigns.

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