Manifesto roundup

As the polls open, we thought it worth listing our articles which cover the contents of the manifestos.

  • UKIP and the Greens will both scrap HS2 – see here and here.
  • The Conservatives will continue with a programme of strategic national investments, including HS2, see here.
  • The LibDems will “proceed with HS2” – see here – but has Farron got the point – see here.
  • And Labour will “complete the HS2 high-speed rail line from London” into Scotland – see here.

Don’t forget to vote!

3 comments to “Manifesto roundup”
  1. All MPs against hs2 must threaten to revolt on other issues to get a u turn on hs2
    Time for them to step up particularly as there are strong rumours that it will not go beyond Birmingham.

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