Tory Manifesto “Will Continue” With HS2 as Hammond Forgets Costs

Today, the Conservative party has launched their manifesto, and with reference to HS2 have stated:

“Investing in transport We are working through one of the largest-ever investment programmes in our roads and railways, putting some £40 billion into transport improvements across the United Kingdom over the rest of this decade. We are investing to reduce travel time and cost, increase capacity and attract investment here in the UK. We will continue our programme of strategic national investments, including High Speed 2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and the expansion of Heathrow Airport – and we will ensure that these great projects do as much as possible to develop the skills and careers of British workers.”

Additionally, the manifesto states:

“We will focus on creating extra capacity on the railways, which will ease overcrowding, bring new lines and stations, and improve existing routes – including for freight. We will increase services on our main lines and commuter routes, and launch new services to places which are poorly served or host major new housing projects.”

The thing is, this has come at the same time as Chancellor Philip Hammond ‘forgot’ just how much HS2 would cost. He clearly hasn’t paid any attention to HS2 since he was Secretary of State for Transport in charge of HS2, as in an interview with the Today Programme he seemed to think the official cost now is still the same as it was then, just £32 billion……..

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  1. People don’t know how much consultants are making on this. Carter Jonas have seconded people straight into hs2 with no training working 5 to 6 hrs a day at a cost of £842 pounds a day. They alone made £252000 in 2015 through secondments. Is it any wonder their new infrastructure office is in Birmingham situated under the hs2 main office. Coincidence. Funded by gd old tax payer!!!! A untrained consultants dream or a old boys club!!!!!

  2. What is reckless, rash, misrepresentation and mistaken in the three party manifestos. One last chance to save the nation from the wrong policies: More tax, less support funding, sky high interests rate to preserve UK bank strength as EU prioritises its future not the UKs needs to survive the pressures you all see daily. Far from leadership we are listening to make believe and three people with NO real business experience to manage a nation. The spread of take from us is in all manifestos with gross uncertainty. Ditch HS2 and reduce the take from us all. Get the planning right before engineering a mistake as HS2 has become by not being attentive to your warnings. Vote for changing the MPs systematic failings for the population of people in the UK. HS2 is a nightmare for many. No main party has refrained from continuity with the wrong plan and wrong route.

  3. Wrong number of tracks and wrong with no stations. Conservative and labour MPs without assessment skills and experience. Your children’s inheritance squandered by wrong scheme and theft of your assets for social care. Two nasty policies. Stop these by voting for others please

  4. Vote against the imposition of HS2. HS2 will NOT stimulate route development May is wrong and May wants to take your wealth and land for this failed to inspire the population project.

    Examine main lines in the UK and see how history enabled communities to grow at stations. HS2 does not have the stations because very fast trains want passing lines and HS2 only has one line each way. May is taking your land your money for this obsessed project. Please vote for candidates who will oppose HS2. HS2 is not the value for your money project.

  5. Your opportunity to vote against the three parties that defy your wish not to create HS2 through your land or to waste your money.

  6. Hammond is an incompetent fool and should not be a Government Minister, never mind Chancellor of the Exchequer. The taxpayer (us) will not see change out of £200 billion for the whole project as the major civil contractors and consulting engineers will take HS2 Ltd. to the cleaners.

    What a colossal waste of precious money and resources which should be spent (or not) on greater priorities.

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