Select Committee to look into CH2M & HS2 ‘as early as possible’.

The CH2M/HS2 conflict of interest took another twist yesterday, as whilst most MPs were on holiday, Chair of the Transport Select Committee Louise Ellman took time out to demand that HS2 Ltd appear in front of them.

Whilst announcing that CH2M Hill were to walk away from their £170m Phase 2 development partner contract the day the Article 50 papers were delivered was a clear attempt to bury this bad news, it clearly hasn’t worked, with Ellman saying:

“Given the scale of HS2 and the amounts of money involved, the Transport Committee is keen to understand the reasons behind the latest developments. I will be suggesting to Committee members that we hold a session as early as possible after recess. It is important that business, industry and public have confidence in the processes involved.”

After what has happened, it will be imperative that the committee also ask serious questions about the Phase 1 delivery partner contract which gives CH2M Hill a significant say in the award of £8.6bn worth of construction contracts.

Parliament will return from recess on 18th April, the earliest date any such meeting could take place. The Transport Select Committee can be contacted via
or @CommonsTrans

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  2. Based upon its past history with HS2, I’m not sure that I have too much faith in the Transport SC. I would be much happier if they Public Accounts Committee were to be carrying out an inquiry; perhaps it will also.
    I have seen at least one newspaper report that Mace is still considering whether to pursue legal action in this matter. If it decides to, then the parliamentray subjudice rule ( would, as I see it, prevent any parliamentary investigations until the action has been resolved.

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