“Digital connectivity key to Northern Powerhouse”

Mobile Today reports from the Northern Powerhouse Conference in Manchester last month.

According to their report, Mark Collins, Director of Strategy at CityFibre, said: ‘In light of Brexit it is more important than ever we improve not just the way we connect physically in the UK, but how we can connect digitally to the wider world.’

‘Improving connectivity in the North is not just about transport, digital infrastructure links everything. Improved digital connectivity will allow businesses in the Northern Powerhouse to innovate and become competitive on a global stage.’

‘Digital investment can also be delivered far quicker than HS2 or a new tunnel, which will take 10-15 years to build, and it costs significantly less. To put fibre optic connections in every premises in the UK, both business and home, it would cost £15bn. In my view this is a far better investment than spending £50bn on HS2.’

Roy Grant, Head of Super Connected Cities, City of York Council agreed digital connectivity was a ‘key part of the jigsaw’, while Joanne Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Penrillian Ltd, said it was vital to ensure digital investment ran alongside, and was delivered at the same time as, an improved transport system.

Mobile Today went onto say that the UK currently lags behind other nations with two per cent of GDP spent on digital infrastructure, while other nations spend between six and eight per cent. Mark Collins explained ‘Spain has 83% of all of its premises connected to end-to-end pure fibre-optic connectivity – it is future proof. In comparison the UK has 3%. So it is vital we catch up, and the Northern Powerhouse has a real opportunity to take the lead by supporting and embracing infrastructure projects, such as the current digital initiative in York. If we continue investing in the North it has the ability to leapfrog above other parts of the UK.’

Its worth remembering that HS2 won’t connect to the rest of the world: it was designed not to link to HS1, and a subsequently proposed connection has been dropped.

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  1. Time to call time on the HS2 Route 3 please.
    Prime Minister states politics is not a game. Sorry to say it is seen be the population as a game between 650 for a population of 65 million most of which do not want or support this HS2. Sleep walking into a £200 Billion debt mountain is not a game. Byers let Railtrack build up unmanageable debt by not undertaking the rail replacements before the Hatfield derailment. Blair did not address structural weaknesses in the UK railways after the Thatcher Major government. Brown and Balls sank the nation in debt with weak bank regulation too much let it run and UK was in debt for decades. Cameron and now May have not applied the restraint to control the spend rates and Adonis with Hammond and Greening did not scrutinise and reign in HS2 to more manageable and affordable route improvements. PM May it is not too late but only you have the emergency cord to pull. Please act and stop this HS2 debt ridden project before the impact on the erosion of debt margins.

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