Stop HS2 Erewash meeting to fight the HS2 plans

Along with today’s meeting in Wakefield, there are more Phase 2 meetings to come:

Residents and local activists from the Derbyshire town of Long Eaton and its surrounding area have come together to say NO! to government plans for cutting the town in half with its new ‘High Speed Two’ railway line.

The ‘STOP HS2 Erewash’ campaign group have organised a large town-hall- style public meeting at the Long Eaton West Park Leisure Centre at 7pm on Thursday the 9 th of March, to share what they say are the ‘terrifying truths’ about the huge construction project and its impact on the town and local community.

The event will feature independent analysis of the proposals for a massive concrete viaduct or tall land-bank through the centre of the town, as well as information describing the huge traffic and parking impact from commuters on the roads in and around the town, and other local communities. STOPHS2 campaigners will also provide insight on the environmental and economic impacts of the London-focused railway line upon the people of Erewash.

Ben Timberley from the STOP HS2 EREWASH campaign group said:

“The government plans for HS2 have completely ignored the concerns and needs of the people of Erewash.  They have paid millions of pounds to have HS2 Ltd act as a ‘sales agency’ for the project by ‘spinning’ every bit of information they can to make it sound like a good thing for the commu

nity – but the people of Long Eaton and Erewash aren’t daft. We’ve all seen through their polished sales pitch. This event will explain everything and reveal the truth!”

The STOP HS2 Erewash campaign state that they will reveal crucial support at the event from a wide range of local community groups, businesses, political groups and high-profile individuals who agree that HS2 will be bad for Long Eaton and Erewash. The campaigners also state that they are looking to recruit volunteers and expertise from the community at this event.

The event is free to attend, with plentiful car parking available on-site, and the building has full disabled access.

More details can be found on the ‘STOP HS2 EREWASH’ campaign Facebook page, with a special event page created for interested people to show they are going to the event.

2 comments to “Stop HS2 Erewash meeting to fight the HS2 plans”
  1. Why do MPs want people to believe they are experts at everything. The UK os no longer Expert at everything. The UK is not expert at producing a high speed rail route from London to Birmingham or to Leeds and Manchester otherwise thousands will not be attending meetings. Thousands more in pubs schools and work would not be saying what a waste of time and money. HS2 say we see no harm or criticism. Another Colnel Ali what tanks.

  2. Prime Minister please consider how thousands of people cannot be wrong by declaring HS2 does not meet their commuter needs, is not affordable and there are other ways of increasing the numbers of passengers per train and the numbers of trains. Look at the under utilised trains and the shorter trains than are possible on main routes.

    The public does not want this prioritisation of HS2 and you know the alternatives. However no specialists have presented the alternatives to you and the Ministers. Let the British public decide again for a better Britain please.

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