Report Stage in House of Lords

The HS2 Phase 1 bill reaches Report Stage in the House of Lords today – this is described as “further line by line examination of the Bill”.

It’s in the main chamber of the House of Lords, which can be watched here.  It’s not clear exactly when the discussion will take place as there are several oral questions first.

We will be watching and tweeting – follow @StopHS2. And we’ll also be tweeting as @Penny_Gaines and @JoeRukin.

One comment to “Report Stage in House of Lords”
  1. Mrs May spending £100 Billion on a two track railway is simply wrong. House of Lords and House of Commons members lacked the experience with high speed railways and ended a failed evaluation process. Taking a decision on 2011/12 to proceed with such a limited scheme and not rectifying the mistake in the next four years demonstrates why the UK sliding down the living standards scale fast. Mrs May does not have the technical skill and the MPs do not. Result is UK has been further ruined by the lack of technical savy and indulgencies it cannot afford.

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