HS2 Bill committee stage – Part 2

As Tuesday’s Bill Committee stage did not get through all the Amendments tabled, there will be a continuation this afternoon (Thursday), starting at 2pm.

It will again be in the Moses Room, and can be watched online here.

This could potentially continue until 8pm, the end time of Tuesday’s session.

The full list of amendments is here.

Once again, we will be watching and tweeting – follow @StopHS2. And we’ll also be tweeting as @Penny_Gaines and @JoeRukin.

One comment to “HS2 Bill committee stage – Part 2”
  1. The 6 years of HS2 and the reactions demonstrated the MP and Peer Government processes without separate functions staffed competently cannot form and develop projects acceptable to the people and communities. The missing CEGB, BRB, and underscaled NHS are not performing for the population and dilapidated current infrastructure and facilities.

    Time MPs and Peers reinstated arms length competent and public private functions with the capacity for a 21st Century UK. Time to face the slide in living standards must have arisen from factors since Thatcher and that was loss of arm length functions permanently responsible for national functions not for policy and funding but for formation and delivery.

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