Petitioning Process Consultation – Ends Friday

Following on from the consultation which took place earlier this year on the petitioning process, a further consultation ends this Friday, 9th December 2016.

Although it asks the same questions as the first consultation, we expect many would give some different following the process in the House of Lords. Whilst starting off positively with an easier way to submit petitions, the Lords immediately fell down, with it clear that committee seemed interested only with getting through the process as quickly as possible.

It has to be remembered that the first set of people to be impacted by any changes to rules an procedure will be those on Phase 2 of HS2.

The consultation webpage can be found here.

Our earlier response can be found here, though there will be some significant changes to it for this time.

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  1. Just stop telling lies and do what you were voted in for i have voted tory all my life i am now 71 but will never vote tory again melvin ward

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