An offer of £70million to communities blighted by High Speed 2 has been branded an ‘insult’

From 51M:

The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, announced this week that £70 million will be made availalble to communites affected by HS2.

There are three spearate funds – the HS2 Community and Environment Fund (CEF); the Business and Local Economy Fund (BLEF), which together total £40 million; plus a £30 million road safety fund.
The CEF and BLEF will provide £40 million which is set to be allocated at a regional level:

  • £15 million for the Central area (Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire)
  • £7.5 million for Greater London
  • £7.5 million for the West Midlands (Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry)
  • £10 million unallocated to allow flexibility to fund cross-border or route wide projects

Martin Tett, the Chairman of 51m said:

“The announcement is terribly disappointing and implies that the Government just hasn’t grasped the sheer scale of the disruption HS2 will cause to people’s lives and businesses in Buckinghamshire.

“HS2 is a £55 billion project which has already spent £2bn even before a single length of track has been laid. The allocation of £15 million between Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire – in which around two-thirds of the length of phase one will be laid – is wholly inadequate.

“Given the Government has decided to go ahead with this project, we want to see some real community gain, and £15 million will unfortunately have virtually no impact.

“For two thirds of the length of the line, over seven years of construction, that’s only £2 million a year – an insult for the people of Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire.”

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  1. And what about the stress caused to all those who live along the route? I have no doubt the NHS has/will have extra patients needing help to cope when their lives are turned upside down and ruined by the intrusion of this overrated monstrosity.

  2. Staggered by this comment by transport minister–

    HS2 should be renamed the Grand Union Railway as the controversial project is ‘not actually about speed’

    Why don’t we run a competition to rename it ?

  3. People may consider others are in need of this more than those not engaged in PSYCHSO2. A wasteful approach to trying to extend British Rail outreach. More sensible approaches are required but closed minds of MPS and self interests serves a few not the key daily travellers

    HS2 – public psychology in the face of government-led change

    The £50bn investment in the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail link exemplifies the difficulties governments have in getting the public on board with change.

    Bidders for HS2 contracts tested for their best behaviour

    HS2, the company running … will spend as much as £900,000 on a team of behavioural psychologists to make sure all the consortiums bidding for contracts can work …

    Psychologist hopes new mental health website will help …

    HS2; Crime & Court; Politics; Health; … Psychologist hopes new mental health website will help Camden sufferers. … Hampstead & Highgate Express e-edition today.

  4. Telegraph headline

    HS2 to spend nearly £1 million on psychologists to test construction crews for signs of stress

    When are our MPs going to get a grip and stop this shower p—-ing our tax up the wall on the same day as Mrs May says no more money for the NHS

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