HS2 Ltd blow £1.8m on petitioning lawyers in 14 months

A freedom of information request submitted by the Camden New Journal has revealed that HS2 Ltd spent an incredible £1.8m in 14 months on their legal team for the parliamentary petitioning process.

Strachan and Mould - Nice money if you can get it.

Strachan and Mould – Nice money if you can get it.

Given that the process has now been ongoing for over two years, the current bill is likely to be in excess of the £3m mark.

Stop HS2 campaign manager Joe Rukin said “The only thing the petitioning process seems to have done effectively is to make some rich barristers richer. In most cases, the committees have swallowed the standard rebuttals from the HS2 Ltd legal team, using in many cases highly questionable evidence at a great cost to the taxpayer.”

Here’s just one of the examples where the HS2 legal team have insisted they are right, and then have had to admit they were wrong.

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  2. Mrs May will want to follow Mrs Thatcher to be next PM by public vote. Link your vote against such waste when nation requires more prudence than extravagance thank you crowd vote against this HS2

  3. The Environmental Statement published by HS2 re the Colne Valley was riddled with inaccuracies and omissions.
    For example 45 acres of arable farmland within 350 m of the line was ‘omitted’ by HS2. Surely they should be taken to task over all their errors. I have written many times. No response.

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