Beacons Warn the Nation of the Start of the HS2 Consultation

Tonight, about 50 beacons will be lit along the route of the proposed HS2 high speed rail line by individuals and groups opposed to HS2.

They are there to warn people about the start of the public consultation on high speed rail, due to be announced today, in an way similar to the beacons used when the Spanish Armada was headed for Britain.

Details of the beacons can be found here.

Some beacons will be lit at sunset – about 5.39pm, and others at 5.45pm or 6pm.

Not all are open to the public, so please check with your local action group.

Stop HS2 supports the communities who are lighting these beacons and wishes them a dry, bright and safe night.

Penny will be attending Quainton’s beacon and Lizzy Thorpe Mandeville.

4 comments to “Beacons Warn the Nation of the Start of the HS2 Consultation”
  1. Beacons at Chipping Warden were amazingly well attended considering the weather. We tried photographs from the top of the church tower but unfortunately the weather prevented us seeing any distant beacons.

  2. beacons need to continue up into the north country . people in the north need to know approximately the route and be reminded of the wind turbines, nuclear power stations and power cables which will disfigure and poison their environment to fuel this ultrahighspeed line. north and south unite for green highspeed trains but not this ultrahighspeed option which will drain our meagre electricity supply

  3. How can Hammond say half the population want HS2 when only 2,037 were asked ?! 44% were undecided i wonder who they asked? the petition had 125 in the past few hours against it.Many would not say one way or the other
    because they dont know the facts .Actually many would they did want it but not know the facts.Do you remember the proposed eco town sounded a good idea thousands spent on design etc. good for architects. proved a waste of
    time and money as did rugby airport why dont they check before they speak and try and dupe us into believing rubbish.

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