Please help with the Stop HS2 locus standi challenge.

Over the weekend, we sent out an email to our mailing list asking for your help. Thank you to everyone who has already responded, and if you didn’t get the email, you can join our mailing list here.

As you will most likely know, over half the 821 petitions to the House of Lords have been challenged by HS2 Ltd on their right to be heard, or ‘locus standi’, which besides hundreds of individuals, includes all MPs, action groups and local councillors who have petitioned in their own right, and of course Stop HS2.

You may remember we were challenged at this stage in the House of Commons procedure, and thanks to your letters of support, we won the right to be heard.

Everyone who has been challenged has the right to go to the House of Lords to argue why they have should be heard, and we hope you do. Stop HS2 will be appearing on the first day of these hearings.

So not only will we be fighting to be heard, but we will make points as to why others who have also been challenged should be heard too.

To help us in our fight to win locus standi, we are asking you to send us a short email to which we can use on the day in our written evidence, saying that we represent you and the interests of people affected by the HS2 Bill.

If you can write us an email, please include details about where you live and a little about how HS2 will affect you. Please mention if you’ve petitioned in either the Commons or the Lords, and if you have petitioned the Lords, (whether you have been challenged or not), if there are technical issues which you have not put in your petition, because you have left that to us, please mention this too.

Issues which Stop HS2 has petitioned on include; the need for independent scrutiny of HS2, the unprecedented powers within the bill, electricity supply, the failure of the environmental statement, the Code of Construction, water supplies and flooding, ancient woodland and hedgerows, wildlife and habitats, light pollution, electromagnetic interference, the speed of HS2, community funds, archaeology, community identity, highways, agriculture, ecology, compensation, noise, carbon emissions, and the mess that is the current plan for Euston Station.

The full petition (the one on the House of Lords website has missed page 20) can be found here.

Please remember, the important thing is to say that Stop HS2 represents your interests, not to express your anger about HS2.

If you can help, please could you send your emails to by the end of May.

Thanks for your help.

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