Ask your MP to vote against the Hybrid Bill

If you oppose HS2, it’s really important that you get in touch with your MP before the Third Reading of the Phase 1 HS2 Hybrid Bill and tell them that you want them to vote against HS2. The vote has been scheduled for Wednesday 23rd March.

It’s especially important if they are off-route.  And if they were newly elected last year, this is the first time they’ve been able to vote on HS2.

You can look up all their contact details on the Parliament website – As well as email addresses and the address of their constituency office, it also gives your MP’s phone number.

Another option is to use

Twitter can also be a good way of getting in touch with an MP – a significant number of MPs have twitter accounts.

You might like to point out that most of the Phase 2 route is still unknown, or that the project will be hugely environmentally damaging. There is not going to be a link to HS1, and the costs just keep going up.

Remember the vote has been scheduled for Wednesday 23rd March.

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  2. Will the House of Lords debate all options before embarking on a narrow review. Lord Adonis is not convincing. Too simplistic and glib.

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