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Train line ‘threat’ to Banbury battle site


Protesters take on high speed trains

Coventry City FC director Joe Elliott joins fight against high speed rail line


High speed rail line moves closer to Kenilworth


Minister under fire on new rail link proposal


Greens may oppose ‘unsustainable’ High Speed rail plans


New high speed rail route could cut through National Agricultural Centre


High-speed rail link to cut through NAC site


High Speed Rail to bisect Stoneleigh Park


Lichfield residents urged to remain united despite campaign to change rail route


Protesters meet in Chiltern countryside against HS2


Protest in Warwickshire over high-speed rail plan


Campaigners march high speed rail route near Offchurch


Residents planning protests along HS2 route this weekend


London-Birmingham rail link hits buffers


Protesters walk HS2 line


HS2, no thank you, Mr Cameron


Brackley stands with campaigner


High-speed rail plan ‘arrogant’


Track was originally closer to Aylesbury


Warning high speed rail line could be another ‘costly failure’


Anti-high speed rail protester to walk route


Town could avoid worst of HS2 plans


HS2 Walk


Lobbying for city train stop


High-speed rail “vital for North’s economy”


High Speed rail ‘will be affordable’, says report


High speed rail will cost as little as £20


High-speed rail: affordable for all


‘Puzzled by outcry against high speed two’


Campaigners Tell Government Buckinghamshire Deserves Some Benefit From HS2


Chilterns group sets out ‘acceptable HS2’ remit

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