Leaflets from the Labour Party Conference

lab15-1It seems like ages ago, but its just two weeks.  We had lots of support at the Labour Party Conference, both inside at our stand (the sweets were popular) and also outside.

Here are some of the leaflets we were handing out:

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  1. HS2 team weaknesses were from the inception. Politicians are not trained in pllanning and development issues. A few civil servants put to MPs/Ministers and Cameron a situation above the heads and experience of Cameron and his inner group. Cameron endorsed others who had not the experience. The result is a great British waste of time and money and community/people engagement. When people count power does not translate to reflective agreements as with Iraq and Blair and Bank Regulations and Brown and Balls the situation is another signficant failing of the British Democratic process. No matter how many pundits and self interested groups consider HS2 is a project to support the situation is still poor project wasting time and money resulting in entrenchments that will make the Swampy Newbury bypass situation seem like a tea party once the bulldozers move out of Chequers. The people across the Route 3 say and repeat and in Euston say and repeat that Cameron and Adonis and Hoon and Osborne and Greening and Hammond did and have got the HS2 plan very wrong. Time to stop and face up to the need to address the many issues in the UK on transport and move back to the daily and business and work mass commuting issues and not an inward funding sham project with such shortcomings the House of Lords said what a mistaken project punt the HS2 Y is. Y because it was conceived to the wrong and partially assessed ideas by a group led by several people who had not done sufficient work and analysis and had the wrong brief from the waffle Hoon put forward on Heathrow and high speed rail and left these to a person who is laughable Chairing the Independent Commission Osborne proposes. Britain you have lost your bearings and it is time for the Government to look at itself not only HS2 and ask as was done when the Comet crashed and crashed where did we go wrong.

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