The HS2 Legacy in photos

Prior to the HS2 Hybrid Bill Select Committee visit on Monday, @Frances Cutler put these photos on twitter on Sunday. Annie Baileys was a popular and well-used pub/restaurant that is directly in the path of HS2. It was even where Stop HS2 campaigners picked up former Shadow of Secretary of State for Transport Maria Eagle, before taking her on a tour of places impacted by HS2. Because of HS2, the pub is now shut, but whoever the new owner is (we expect HS2, but the Land Registry comes up blank), neglect is turning it into a danger to the public and wildlife.

Frances added on Tuesday, after the select committee visit;
“Met a contractor in Annie Baileys car park. He was rung on Monday to clear place up. New graffiti has appeared.”

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  1. Why ever would anyone shut down a flourishing business in the face of a potential threat that would not materialise until several years into the future at the earliest, and maybe never at all?

    Is the threat of the line merely an excuse to cut and run from something that was already failing?

    One would have thought that a fully functioning enterprise, firing on all cylinders and patronised by hundreds of loyal supporters, would attract far more compensation than something already closed down and potentially derelict.

    Have the locals accepted HS2 as inevitable and /or given up any hope of putting it underground?

    Could somebody please explain?

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