Two questions for Andrea

Andrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamtonshire has been appointed a minister in the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Andrea organised the very first specifically anti-HS2 meeting in March 2010.

In her new role, there are two questions that Andrea needs to ask about HS2.

Firstly, Andrea needs to ask HS2 Ltd how much electricity HS2 will need.

There is already a looming energy gap, with a number of electricity generating stations due to close before HS2 is built. There are questions in the electricity industry as to what will replace them. HS2 is currently estimated as needing the equivalent output of one or two power stations, which could add £16 billion to the cost of HS2.

What’s more, last year Robert Goodwill said in a written answer that they won’t know what the electricity requirements of HS2 Phase 2 are until they have finished  the details of the route.

Secondly, Andrea needs to find out what conversations HS2 and National Grid have had about this.

We’ve been told that HS2 are not communicating with National Grid. This is entirely in line with their normal modus operandi: for example see Michele Dix, at the Lords Economic Affairs Committee on HS2

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  1. Also ask residents of Northamtonshire what issue exist to Conservative need to pre-occupy the MP with a post and limit opposition to their interests

    There are a number of defensive actions in the selection and changes made of people. Residents need to inquire what they have missed in their challenges to the HS2 and its facilities through their sections. Additional Provisions 2 and the past behaviours of HS2 need investigating to determine why this MP is diverted to this role please.

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