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  1. Aarhus Convention exchanges demonstrate different recollections of event which left people without effective changes and mitigation

    The following documents and links provide the exchanges between the UK and ACCC and between the Complainants and ACCC.

    Vote for more compliance with decision making in the formulation of such projects not after the event with lack of effectiveness please.

    The first link is the complaint submission which can be shorter with 10 to 20 pages and upto 5 attachments.

    The UK response does not explain how many people were mislead into believing petitioning would be an effective change process but found it was curbed from the inside. What pretence the many people have experienced by the lock out process that has followed 2009 and 2010 determination of Route 3 and the lack of commitment of the HS2 to alternatives. Request alternatives in your petition presentations to demonstrate how you feel that the HOC Hybrid Bill Select Committee accepted the curbs against the Aarhus Convention intent please. It is more important to have democracies to behave according to treaties and conventions not to avoid their obligations to the public and international bodies please.

    ACCC/C/2014/100 United Kingdom – United Nations ……/aarhus…/tfwg/…/acccc2014100-united-kingdom.html

    Public Participation · Aarhus Convention … Annex 1 Command Paper High Speed Rail Investing in Britain’s Future – Decisions and Next Steps (Cm 8247) (January 2012) Annex 2 R (Buckingham County Council 7 ors v Secretary of State for … Annex 4(i) R (HS2 Action Alliance) v Secretary of State for Transport 2014 UKSC …

    [PDF]Annex 1 – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe…/env/…/frPartyC100_AnnexA_09022015.pdf

    9 Feb 2015 – Annex A. 1. This Communication concerns High Speed Two, “HS2”1. This is …. 7 of the Aarhus Convention, and if so with what consequences.

    [PDF]Annex B 1 Command Paper ‘High Speed Rail: Investing in ……/env/…/frPartyC100_AnnexB_10022015.pdf

    Annex B. 1. Command Paper ‘High Speed Rail: Investing in Britain’s Future –. Decisions and … R (HS2 Action Alliance) v Secretary of State for Transport [2014].

    [PDF]here – HS2 Action Alliance…/UK-Aarhus-Communication.pdf

    10 Apr 2014 – In the matter of a communication to the Aarhus Convention Compliance. Committee … 1 Its role is therefore analogous to the successful communicant in ACCC/C/2010/53 (see para. 1 of …. Article 5 and Annex I of the SEA Directive to subject such plans or …. Indeed the UNECE guidance on the Convention.

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